Never a True Christian

The truth matters more than anything I want to believe.

for Christians
Things That Christians
Say to Atheists
Quotations About Atheism,
Religion, and Other Matters
My Deconversion,
or How This Website Got Its Name
The Resurrection of Jesus
Four Different Biblical Accounts
That Can't Be Reconciled
Jesus and Spiderman
Pascal's Wager
Why Atheists May Seem Angry Sometimes

(including a discussion of Goofyism)
Matt Dillahunty
"Fulfilled Prophecy"
Why I Don't Trust the Bible
Hezekiah 5:21
My Favorite Bible Verses
I Don't Hate God
What to Say to People Who Want to Evangelize You
Angry Christians
43% of All Fundamentalist Christians are Going to Hell
"Page 237"

(a Parable about the Bible)
The Second Coming of Jesus
My Favorite Videos
Jack T. Chick Tracts
Hasa Diga Eebowai
[This page plays music]
Heavenly Tourism

Books written by people who claim that they died, experienced some form of an "afterlife," and then returned to the land of the living. Or they saw visions of heaven.
Vocabulary List for the
King James Version
Click Here If
You Want to Be Saved
Son of a Bitch!
It's the Word of God.
Kitzmiller et al.
Dover Area School District et al.
The Logical Flaw in the Evangelical
Christian "Plan of Salvation"
My Own
"Ten Commandments"
A Conversation With
a Christian
An Incident From
Sunday School
Death Penalty
How I Know the God of the Bible Doesn't Exist
Jesus Take the Wheel
The Bible and
Gilligan's Island
Well I'm Really Not a Christian
Therefore, the Bible is True
The $10.00
God Challenge
Kissing Hank's Ass
A True Story
If you have serious questions about God or the Bible, you should really ask an EXPERT
"Gospel" Albums
The "Watchmaker" Argument
The Christian Woman's Starter Kit
O-mazing Grace
Damn! [Pardon my language]
Why Did You Do So Much Work Putting Up an Entire Website Devoted to Something You Say Doesn't Even Exist?
It Happened at Columbine High School (or Didn't)
Birds Aren't Real
My Little Daughter
What I Dislike the Most About Christianity
Abraham and
the Stone Gods
God Detector
Live Webcam

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