Never a True Christian
The "$10.00 God Challenge"

Q:   Hey Josh, what is the "$10.00 God Challenge?"

A:   I'm glad you asked !   Believe it or not, I am God.   No, really.   No ... really.   I will give $10.00 to anyone who can prove that I, Joshua Washburn, am not God.

Previous attempts have failed miserably, as applicants assume that I must perform some miracle for them, which would be ME proving I AM God, and not THEM proving that I am not.

I hereby declare that I, J.H. Washburn, am God Almighty, Creator and Ruler of the Universe both Known and Unknown, the One who created all Life on Earth and Everywhere Else, He Who put forth His Mighty Hand and brought into Beingness the Stars, the Planets, the Vacuum, and every other Thing one can Imagine (and many things one cannot).

Prove that I am not Who I say I am and thou shalt receive $10.00 posthaste. Or, if I prefer, I will donate it to the NRA.

By the way ... PLEASE don't tell Me that "I am God, you are God, we are all God."   Read the instructions.   Prove that I am not God.

You can ask Me for things (in prayer).   I have lots of excuses for why you won't get them:

— — "It wasn't My will."
— — "You didn't have enough faith."
— — "You asked for it just so that you could spend it on your pleasures (James 4:3)."

... or if you have a thorny theological question, or a question about the Bible (remember - I wrote it), go ahead and email Me at My special email address:

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