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It Happened at Columbine High School (or Didn't)

It seems that just about goddam everybody that got shot at Columbine High School by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (April 20, 1999) was a courageous Christian.   And it seems that just about every one of the victims was asked, before he was shot, "Do you believe in God?"   And every single one said "yes" before he was shot.


Christians just love these kinds of stories, even if they aren't true.

First it was Cassie Bernall.   Somehow, her story became a Christian bestseller, in the form of a book written by her parents.

Problem is, the story isn't true.

Columbine shooting The famous exchange actually took place between Dylan Klebold and a student named Valeen Schnurr, and people mistakenly reported that it was a conversation between the shooter and Ms. Bernall.   But Valerie Schnurr herself has confirmed that it was she who received the question from the gunman, who did not shoot her (again).   Ms. Schnurr told him that she believed in God, and then he walked away.

Here's how it happened: Schnurr was down on her hands and knees bleeding, already hit by 34 shotgun pellets, when one of the killers approached her.   She was saying, "Oh my God, oh my God, don't let me die."

The gunman asked her if she believed in God.   She said yes; he asked why.   "Because I believe, and my parents brought me up that way," Ms. Schnurr said.

He reloaded, but didn't shoot her again.   She crawled away.

In other words, the one girl who actually was asked the Magic Question was not Cassie Bernall nor Rachel Joy Scott [another dead girl whose parents have written a Christian bestseller] ... and when that girl (Valeen Schnurr) told the shooter "Yes [I do believe in God]," she was not killed.

The real story

        Don't get me wrong.   What happened at Columbine High School was a senseless tragedy.   If I had been there, I would have popped a cap in those two psychos as soon as they showed up on campus for their killing spree (except that guns aren't allowed on high school campuses ... damn).   But I get tired of Christians lying to us.

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