Never a True Christian
Things That Jehovah's Witnesses Aren't Allowed to Do

(1) Belong to another organization or club for the purpose of socializing with nonbelievers.

(2) Have friends who are not Jehovah's Witnesses.

(3) Associate with people outside their organization (except when it's absolutely necessary).

(4) Attend social functions sponsored by an employer (unless attendance is required).

(5) Associate with coworkers after business hours in a social settings.

(6) Disagree with the official Jehovah's Witness rules and code of conduct.

(7) Disagree with the organization's doctrines.

(8) Contribute to the Presidential Campaign Fund on their tax return.

(9) Join the armed forces.

(10) Say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

(11) Salute the flag.

(12) Vote.

(13) Run for leadership in the JW organization (JW leaders are "appointed").

(14) Run for leadership in any organization.

(15) Take a stand on any political or "worldly" issue (except the position taken by the JW organization).

(16) Campaign for a political candidate.

(17) Hold political office.

(18) Discuss politics.

(19) Be a union steward or shop steward.

(20) Be actively involved in a union strike.

(21) Use a gun for protection against another human.

(22) Become a police officer if a gun is required.

(23) Wear military uniforms or clothing associated with war.

(24) Take yoga classes and practice the discipline of yoga.

(25) Smoke tobacco.

(26) Work full time selling tobacco.

(27) Attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

(28) Donate blood.

(29) Receive a blood transfusion.

(30) Read literature from other religions.

(31) Buy anything from a church store.

(32) Buy something at a church garage sale.

(33) Donate items to a church-run store.

(34) Shop at the Salvation Army.

(35) Work for the Salvation Army.

(36) Work for another church.

(37) Play competitive sports on a school team.

(38) Play competitive sports professionally.

(39) Run for class president.

(40) Become a cheerleader.

(41) Go to the prom or any school dance.

(42) Attend a class reunion.

(43) Be hypnotized.

(44) Join the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.

(45) Join the YMCA.

(46) Serve on jury duty.

(47) Attend other Christian churches.

(48) Get married in another church.

(49) Date someone without the intent of getting married.

(50) Have sex before marriage.

(51) Be gay or lesbian.

(52) Throw rice at a wedding.

(53) Get divorced (except for adultery).

(54) Buy a raffle ticket.

(55) Play Bingo.

(56) Gamble.

(57) Sing Christmas songs.

(58) Sing the National Anthem.

(59) Celebrate Christmas.

(60) Celebrate New Years Eve.

(61) Celebrate Easter.

(62) Celebrate Mother's Day.

(63) Celebrate Father's Day.

(64) Celebrate birthdays.

(65) Celebrate Thanksgiving.

(66) Celebrate Flag Day.

(67) Celebrate Veteran's Day.

(68) Celebrate Independence Day.

(69) Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.

(70) Celebrate Valentine's Day.

(71) Celebrate Halloween.

(72) Accept Christmas presents.

(73) Make Christmas decorations for school.

(74) Attend a class, workshop, social event, or seminar sponsored by another church.

(75) Wear pants at a Kingdom Hall meeting (women only).

(76) Say anything negative about the JW organization.   JWs must "speak in agreement" and be "like-minded."

(77) Acknowledge any prayer spoken by a nonbeliever.

(78) Wear or own a cross.

(79) Own a religious picture.

(80) Own a religious statue.

(81) Believe in miracles except those found in the Bible.

(82) Believe in ghosts, witchcraft, or magick.

(83) Consult a psychic.

(84) Study tarot cards, get a reading, or give a reading.

(85) Attempt to communicate with departed spirits.

(86) Attend a séance.

(87) Wish someone "good luck."

(88) Indulge superstitions.

(89) Speak in tongues.

(90) Read a horoscope

(91) Engage in boxing or martial arts.

(92) Worship Jesus as God.

(93) Associate with "disfellowshipped persons" (with some exceptions).

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