Never a True Christian

Jesus Take the Wheel

The Bible indicates that if one creates a zone of randomness, one has opened a window through which God may communicate with us.

When the Philistines suspected that Jehovah had smitten them with the Black Plague, their shamans did an experiment: Load the stolen Ark of the Covenant (the Philistines were the original "raiders of the lost ark") onto the bed of an oxcart and let the oxen carry it wherever they wanted to.   If the oxen made a beeline for the Israelite border, that would confirm that Jehovah wanted his Ark back (I Samuel 6:7-12).

In the New Testament, the apostles thought the same way. They wanted to replace Judas, who had hanged himself, and they narrowed it down to two candidates. They cast lots, and regarded the outcome not as random luck but rather as the will of God (Acts 1:15-26).

Tarot card

Hey, if I want to know the will of God about something, why can't I just roll some dice? Or pull a card out of the Tarot deck?

Proverbs 16:33 says, "The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord."

Or why couldn't I just use a Holy Spirit Ouija Board?

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