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The Bible and Gilligan's Island

Criticizing the Bible for its many inconsistencies is a lot like criticizing "Gilligan's Island" because the Professor made a radio out of a coconut.

The castaways could build huts and bicycle-powered generators but they couldn't repair a hole in a boat.

Mary Ann makes coconut cream pies. Where did she get the eggs and milk and flour?

If they were going on a three-hour tour, why did they bring luggage?

If they had fuel to last only three hours, how far could they possibly have gone?

The guy who thought up "Gilligan's Island" (and convinced a TV studio to produce it) was Sherwood Schwartz. We're told that when he talked to the "money people," he told them that the show would be a sort of a social experiment   —   a rich couple, a movie star, a professor ... trapped on an island after a shipwreck.

Of course, the show ended up being the worst form of ignorant schlock comedy that's ever been on TV.   Well ... except for "Hee Haw."

Interestingly enough, a few years later, Mr. Schwartz went back to the "money people" and pitched another TV series   —   which he referred to as a "social experiment"   —   it would be a man who had three sons, and a woman who had three daughters, and this group would somehow form a family ...

And they bought it.

But even today, people still watch (and enjoy) "Gilligan's Island" and "The Brady Bunch."   You just have to do one thing when you watch these TV shows:

Suspend disbelief.

It's the same thing we do when we watch a James Bond movie. We know this stuff isn't real; it's just there for entertainment.

Old Bible Now let's talk about the Bible.

I've heard preachers say (from the pulpit), "I believe that every word in this book is LITERALLY true [as he holds aloft his $89.95 Genuine Calfskin Leather KJV] - every period, every comma ... EVERY WORD. Can I get an AMEN?"

And of course, he gets SEVERAL "amens."

The Bible is a load of antiquated mythical made-up bullshit.

Just look at the Gospels, where the Bible can't tell the same story the same way twice.

And then there's the story of Noah and the ark (Genesis 6).   Let's see ... eight humans survive the Flood, and the rest of mankind is killed ... and just a few thousand years later, the earth is populated with Pygmies, Chinese, Aborigines, Negroes, and white people?

I could keep going, but there are entire websites devoted to the inconsistencies and absurdities found in the Bible.

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