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This may be a little bit off topic.

(December 2021) A new study from the American Enterprise Institute finds that one in every five job postings at United States universities requires a "diversity, equity, and inclusion statement" from the applicant.   A typical question asks prospective employees whether they have been "involved in activities to advance or promote a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment."   At the University of California in Berkeley, 3/4 of applicants for a job in "life sciences" were eliminated based on their DEI statement alone.

I have never been asked this type question on a job application or at a job interview.   If it ever happened, here's what I'd say:

"Diversity is a buzzword.  It's a lie.   Diversity means that it's okay to discriminate against white people.   Diversity is pure racism, and it makes me want to puke.

"Some people say they want diversity.   I say bullshit.   Do you want your college basketball team to 'look like America?'   That means you can have only 20% black people on your team.   Diversity means that you make selections based on race   —   not abilities, not merit.

"Dr. Martin Luther King said that people should be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.   Dr. King would kick your fucking teeth in if you talked to him about what you're calling 'diversity.'

"Under 'diversity,' if you walk through my factory and look at my workers, and 100% of them are white, you would kick up a fuss and scream and yell and put on some kind of stupid protest.   But if you walk through my factory and 100% of the workers are Negroes, you wouldn't blink an eye.   You don't want actual diversity, you lying hypocritical shit.   You want Negroes and colored people to be hired and promoted based on the color of their skin.   You are nothing but a racist bastard.   You believe that Negroes can't make it on their own   —   that they need a 'handout' from you.   the one who actually believes that Negroes are inferior!   Fuck you, and fuck what you call 'diversity.'

      "'D.E.I.' stands for 'Didn't Earn it.'"

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