Stuff That's Really Useful That Should Be Taught in High School

        Currently, we're forcing kids to learn math that they'll never use; history that they're not interested in (it's being taught by teachers who are drones anyway); and something called "social studies" that's irrelevant. Why not have required subjects that are really USEFUL? Here are some ideas:

1. Divorce law.

2. Basic criminal law.

        What to do (and what not to do) if you're arrested.
        Your rights as a criminal defendant.

3. Basic civil procedure.

        What happens when you sue/when you are sued.

4. Automobile mechanics.

5. How to interview for a job.

6. Banking.

        How interest is calculated on a loan.
        How bank personnel decide whether or not to make a loan to you.
        How to maintain and balance a checking account.
        Repossessions and deficiency balances.

7. Basic cooking/nutrition.

8. Introduction to computers.

9. Basic writing skills/expressing yourself in writing.

        Filling out an employment application.

10. Introduction to firearms/basic marksmanship.

11. Basic home repairs/maintenance.

        Basic house wiring.
        Basic plumbing.

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