In Defense of the Use of Profanity

May I suggest that profanity is, in some situations, appropriate?   May I further suggest that in some situations, it is practically required?

Suppose that you and I happen to be seated next to each other on an airplane.   I am reading a magazine, and the image of former president George W. Bush is smiling at me from a large photograph on page 33.

You glance over at my magazine and casually ask, "What do YOU think of George Bush?"

At that point, I have a choice: I can give you an honest answer, or I can give you a less-than-honest answer.   The only way that I can give you an honest answer is to use profanity.   It is impossible for me to express my feelings about The Pathetic Embarrassment without using expressions such as "motherfucker," "cocksucker," "son of a bastard bitch," "pussy," and so on.

Profanity is offensive and crude.   I would never use it around your wife or your grandmother, because I am a fucking gentleman.   In my own way.   But in some circumstances, profanity is a legitimate, colorful, useful form of expression, and it has its place in the world.

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