Euphemisms for Sexual Intercourse

Bouncing the brillo
Dancing the buttock jig
Getting one's leather stretched
Having hot pudding for supper
Hiding the ferret
Mixing one's peanut butter
Playing cars and garages
Varnishing the cane

And what do you call a woman's sex organ?

Vagina, pussy, bearded clam, vertical smile, beaver, cunt, trim, hairpie, fur burger, cooch, snatch, twat, lovebox, poontang, fuckhole, Love Canal, pink taco, catcher's mitt, muff, cum dump, cock warmer, whisker biscuit, love hole, slice of heaven, flesh cavern, clit slit, quim, meat massager, chacha, black hole of calcutta, cock socket, dead clam, cum crack, glory hole, love rug, "vadge," stench-trench, DNA dumpster, cock holster, snooch, grassy knoll, cold cut combo, velcro love triangle, love glove, serpent socket, hairy doughnut, spasm chasm, sugar basin, breakfast of champions, wookie, dick mitten, hump hole, silk igloo, juice box, Chewbacca's shower drain, sausage wallet, sugar hole, crotch waffle, calamari cockring, hot pocket, nappy dugout, toolshed, snake charmer, Furby, enchilada of love, flesh tuxedo, tunnel of love, ground zero, holy grail, python syphon, fish buffet, Lawrence of a Labia, purple penis eater, scunt, Notorious V.A.G., baby oven, bitch ditch, yeast pocket, tampon tunnel, cucumber canal, dick dungeon, penis purse, pink portal, bone polisher, weiner wrap, clam canal, wand waxer, cock cave, fuck donut, Hairy Potter, slippery slide, meat tunnel, pink heaven, Cuntzilla, bear trap, Indiana Bones and the Temple of Poon