Affirmative Action and Racism

� � � � There is nothing in the world that is more racist than "affirmative action" (which ain't too fucking affirmative if you're the white Anglo-Saxon protestant male who doesn't get the promotion, despite the fact that you're the most qualified candidate).

� � � � Here's how it works: the institution/system says, "Hey, colored boy/colored girl, we know that you can't make it on your own - you can't compete with white people if the playing field is level - you're not as competent as they are - so we'll give you a little extra help."

� � � � Me, I'm just a country boy. I'll give my employees the same opportunity ... ALL of them. I'll look at the standardized test scores; the employee evaluations; and I won't look at anything else (such as their race) when I have to make a decision about whom to promote. That's what we call equality. I was under the impression that THAT was what the minorities wanted.